About the MSD

Municipal Service District of Ponte Vedra Beach Overview

MSD Tradition

Our most valuable asset is our reputation. We balance the need for change while preserving our history and community character.

MSD Board of Trustees Core Values

  • Integrity – Our actions are guided by ethical and honest conduct.
  • Residents – We are responsive and service-oriented to meet residents’ needs.
  • Organizational Excellence – We deliver value and exceed expectations.
  • Communications – We create an environment that fosters dialogue.
  • Accountability – We as individuals hold ourselves accountable for our actions.


The MSD Board of Trustees consists of seven elected trustees. The organization consists of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Treasurer and three committees: Communications, Safety, and Physical Environment, each with a Chairman and two other Trustees as members.


Protect and enrich the quality of life for our residents by maintaining and enhancing the appeal and status of the MSD as a premier community highly valued by its residents and respected by others.


Provide services to the public of the district independent of, as well as supplemental to, those provided by St. Johns County and in cooperation with the functions of the county.